Sample Menu


Pulled Pork - tender pork, smoked to perfection and served with our famous BBQ sauces

Smoked Turkey - choice selection of turkey breast and served with our cranberry honey sauce

Smoked Chicken - unforgettable flavor with quarters, thighs, wings and served with our famous BBQ sauces

Brisket - our award-winning succulent brisket, with that great Texas flavor, served with our famous BBQ sauces ($1.50 extra per person)

Ribs - a tasty treat your guests will continue to talk about, competition-style and award-winning, served with our famous BBQ sauces ($1.50 extra per person)



Bee Bee Q Baked Beans - sweet and savory, filled with our pulled pork and brisket, slow-cooked for a guest favorite

Mac n’ Cheese - six different cheeses beautifully incorporated with our béchamel, made with shell pasta; an excellent accompaniment to your main course

Roasted Red Potatos - small diced red potatos in a velvety butter sauce, dusted with our house made rub and roasted to perfection

Cole Slaw - creamy with a touch of honey; delicious with smoked meats

Green Beans - seasoned and slow-cooked; filled with our tender pulled smoked pork

Tossed Green Salad - choice dark green lettuces, grape tomatos, red onions, banana peppers, and black olives served with our own parmesan-italian salad dressing and elegently served by our salad chef

Stuffing and Gravy - house made, savory with herbs and spices, perfect with our house made turkey gravy

Sweet Potato Soufflé - a real crowd-pleaser, inspired with a touch of honey and loaded with roasted pecans ($.50 extra per person)



Coffee (regular and decaffeinated, sugar, sweeteners and cream), Filtered Water, Tea (sweetened and unsweetened), Punch



Rolls & Bee Bee Q Honeybutter



2 meats, 3 sides - $18.49 per person

3 meats, 4 sides - $23.49 per person

Our Famous BBQ Sauces

Elegant “Silver Look Ware” and “China Look Ware” ($1 extra per person)

Cake-cutting and serving available for a nominal charge

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Rolled Table Ware, Plates, Bowls and Cups Set Up Prior to Reception



One Choice - $2.50 per person

Two Choices - $4.25 per person

Three Choices - $6.25 per person


Cocktail Smokie Puffs - smoked cocktail sized sausages surrounded in a cornbread pastry with a honey mustard dipping sauce (3 per serving)

Smoked Wings with Smokin’ Bee Bee Q Sauces - mild & sweet/medium & tangy (2 per serving)

Savory Meatballs - tender house made meatballs with a spciy & sweet sauce (3 per serving)

Relish Trays - ranch style dips (4 large trays per 100 guests)

Crostini Poitrine - tender smoked pork belly on sliced crostini (2 per serving)

Stuffed Mushrooms - smoked boursin cheese loaded into meaty mushroom caps (2 per serving)



Jeff Stringer, Pit Master & Bee Wrangler 937-477-2338